Friday, 20 February 2009


Like most people who work in London, I take the tube to work. Most days I sit and read the paper and try to ignore what is going on around me. Occasionally I take whatever book I happen to be reading at the time.

Once in a blue moon I put on my ipod.

This may seem strange for a man who makes his living in the music business, but having suffered at the hands of fellow travellers who inflict their cheesy house music on everyone within earshot - seemingly without any understanding of the irritation they are causing, I tend to excercise restraint in my listening habits.

Once in a while however I feel the need to commune with a few of my tunes, and the thing that strikes me whenever I do is the extraordinary power of music to alter your perspective.

Want to seethe in private - stick on some thrash metal. Need to hark back nostalgically to your teens - Led Zeppelin every time. Feeling sad and lost - get that Sarah Mclachlan playlist on, want to smile - stick on a bit of ELO.. you get the idea.

Now I know that this is not exactly revolutionary thinking, but it struck me that with such a significant percentage of the public lost in their own musical wilderness for such a large part of the day, it might be an idea to promote our bands in those terms.

Hmm... this requires more thought. I'll get back to you.

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