Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have been watching the travails of ITV with a mixture of great sadness and just a touch of amusement.

It is obviously sad when a lot of people lose their jobs, but much like the labels, it staggers me that they did not see it coming. The company has obviously been badly mismanaged for some years now (err.. football rights anyone), but when you look at some of the tosh they trot out these days its amazing they have got this far without going the same way as Woolies.

I actually find it astonishing that ANYONE still thinks it makes sense to advertise on ITV or Channel 4 these days, but hey, what do I know.

I do know this. We get the television we deserve, because if we did not watch it we they would not show it.

Try this: Next time one of the networks start peddling some bit of trite reality TV rubbish to boost their flagging telephony revenues - DON'T VOTE, or better still don't watch it. Start a campaign to get crap like "Big Brother" and "I'm a 'D' list nonentity" or whatever the hell its called off our screens.

Imagine if BB had never happened, how much better the world would be. No Nasty Nick, no Heat Magazine, no idiot papparazzi stalking the more attractive parts of London looking for pictures of people you have never heard of but who are apparently "celebrities" because they had sex with a wine bottle on national television, no Chantelle (whoever she is) and so on.

I cannot believe I am the only person who feels this way.

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